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American Sign Language (ASL)
A visual-gestural language with vocabulary and grammar different from English.
Pidgin Sign English (PSE)
A system of communication that is a manual representation of English in which American Sign Language signs are used in English.
Manual Coded English (MCE)
Communication by use of signs and fingerspelling.
Minimal Language Skills (MLS)/Minimal Language Competency (MLC)
May incorporate the use of one or more of the following; gestures, signs, pictures, objects, home signs, and specific vocabulary related to that individual. Repetition and rephrasing may be required to ensure understanding. Used with those who have no formal sign language, were never exposed to formal language, and/or use another foreign sign language. A Certified Deaf Interpreter may be needed when the communication mode of a deaf consumer is so unique that it cannot be adequately accessed by interpreters who are hearing. Some such situations may involve individuals who:
  • Use a foreign language
  • Have minimal or limited communication skills
  • Are deaf-blind or deaf with limited vision
  • Use signs particular to a given region, ethic or age group
  • Have characteristics reflective of Deaf Culture not familiar to hearing interpreters.
Signed Exact English (SEE)
A form of sign language that uses signs in English word order.
Oral Communication
Communication through speaking, listening, and speechreading, without the use of sign language.
Oral Interpreting
The interpreter mouths (without voice) what the speaker says using some natural gestures and facial expression.
Tactile Interpreting
A hands-on interpreting method used with people who are deaf and blind. The interpreter communicates what the speaker says by signing and/or fingerspelling into the hands of the deaf-blind person.
Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART)
The process of producing and projecting onto a screen verbatim dialogue as typed by a court reporter, clear, accurate print that is easily visible to people in large audiences.


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